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18 March 2013

Football Contest

POLICE support officers have organised a five-a-side football tournament in aid of a teenager who was struck down by a stroke.

Police Community Support Officers in Plymouth have organised a 5-a-side football tournament in aid of the 'Hope for Howard' appeal.

Howard,from West Alvington near Kingsbridge, suffered a stroke at the age of 16 years which has left him with a condition known as 'Locked in Syndrome'.

PCSO Claire Hurrell-Head, one of the tournament organisers, said: "Football is one of Howard's passions and this would be a great way to raise awareness of his condition and have fun.

"The trophy will be an annual event and we hope people will come along and join in with the spirit of the event."

The football tournament takes place on Saturday March 23, at the Goals football centre in Plymouth at 12.30pm.

Along with a winning trophy, there will be a small presentation afterwards with a raffle.

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