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1 November 2012

Mum’s message of thanks


Almost a year on, (31st October 2011), a journey beginning in Derriford Hospital

Plymouth, then the RNHRD in Bath, now reaching its second phase, Howard has

been moved to a Neuro Rehabilitation unit in Plymouth.

We would like to express one enormous thank you to our local community for their

robust, enthusiastic and continual enthusiasm in supporting our family through what

can only be described as a most terrifying, traumatic and exhausting year.

The local community, and beyond, have given innovative support with incredible

fund raising events to assist Howard, myself and my amazing husband Jezz, to

support us over this very difficult time.

The Hope for Howard team have made outstanding efforts and should all be

incredibly proud of themselves for what they have achieved.

The Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette and other local newspapers have consistently

supported in publishing our story, advertising any up and coming events. Local

businesses have given their time and resources for our cause. BBC Radio Devon

have given us air time which has also kept Howard’s profile high.

It is difficult to understand why people have taken this so deeply into their hearts and

is a very humbling feeling. We are just an ordinary family like everyone else, but

people have just come forward with a desire to help us. It is truly hard to


Recent events have raised enough money for Howard to have his own, specially

adapted vehicle. We are so grateful. This will enable Howard to access his

community, visit home, and step back in amongst his friends and family, and

hopefully start to find there are still pleasures to be had in this new life.

There are too many fantastic people to list individually, but from the bottom of our

hearts, Howard, Jezz, Jack, George and myself would like to say to you all, thank

you very, very much, and we are truly blessed and proud to live in such an amazing

community. What wonderful people you are.

Written by Jo Sly for the Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette 20th October 2012

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